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The man and the nature in the romantic poetry

Tashkenov Sergey, 11A

In my work I tried to write about Nature itself, poetry as a branch of literature and I also represented the combination of these two. This work contains my own point of view on some poems by famous English romantics and my own thoughts about the significance of natural in our life, which is undoubtedly more than just important for us, in which mankind will feel eternal necessity.

For hundreds of years Nature has been one of the most favourite subjects of works by various artists: poets and writers, painters and sculptors, etc. Nature was that wonderful impetus, which inspired tens of great musicians in all countries and in all times to create as great chef-d’oeuvres of world art. As a matter of fact people always needed to communicate with Nature. Old Latin expression says: » I’m a man, and humane is not alien to me.» I think Nature is that humane, which can’t live without. I also want to stress the fact that Man and Nature are two inseparable things in the world. And I hope that it will always be like that.

Sometimes we don’t notice Nature’s beauty and perfection and even forget that there is another world, which is hundred times better than the world, where peace, justice and tranquillity reign. But if someone occasionally finds himself in close contact with Nature, he will unconsciously feel, how small and insignificant he is against this set of pure simplicity and at the same time divine perfection.

One who deals with poetry has to be real connoisseur of his language to write something worthy that will be euphonious and will coincide with his desire. William Wordsworth asks: «What is a poet? To whom does he address himself? What language is to be expected from him? He is a man, speaking to men, a man, it’s true, endured with more lively sensibility, more enthusiasm and tenderness, who has a greater knowledge of human nature, and a more comprehensive soul, that presupposed to be common among mankind.» According to F.B. Shelley: «To be a poet means to accept the truth and beauty…poet not only intensively experiences present in its present state, but also sees future in it…»

According to the explanation of the dictionary poetry is something beautiful, lofty, deeply influencing an feelings and imagination. I took a glance over the whole history of the English literature and came to conclusion that the Romanticism was one of the periods, whose literature conformed to this definition in the most exact way. I mean that Romanticism created very favourable conditions for the development and flourishing of poetry.

A few points from history. Romanticism is a very complex movement. Its different members had different views on the same things. But nevertheless they had certain common features. One of them, and to my mind the most important, is that all the romantics turned to man’s inner world, to his feelings and thoughts in search far harmony and beauty. They also turned to Nature.

Romantic writers and poets made contrast of romantic ideal to reality of the contemporary society. The most characteristic feature of the Romanticism is just idealization of reality and dreamy contemplation.

The romantics, who wrote about Nature, are Percy Bisshe Shelley, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Collerige and John Keats, aspirated to depict Man Nature in ideal relations, and Nature itself in its primordial appearance.

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