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The ideal mate

Bredun Natalya, 11A

Located in the center of the local mall. Max and Eleonore sat on a bench watching the shoppers walk by one afternoon. Each wondered if one of these people passing by might be their «soul mate». Max noticed a girl in one store who was very attractive. In a different store another lady, obviously rich, had several bags filled with expensive clothing. At the same time Eleonore had gathered enough courage to talk to the clerk at the adjoining music store. He was very tall and athletic looking, but he spoke as though he hadn’t a thought in his head.

When looking for the ideal mate, many people want different qualities. For example, some appreciate superficial characteristics such as appearance and society standing; common interests and personality are more important to others. In today’s society appearance is an important factor in the impression a person makes.

For instance, if two people have good skills, the better looking of the two would be more likely to get hired. Most of the time the appearance is the first feature that draws someone to another. Yet, character, the quality that makes a person different from another, is more important than appearance. Every woman wants her mate to be ideal, special, and unique. Of course, she wants him to be sensitive, romantic, understanding, supporting, but not jealous. In other words, she wants him to be a gentleman. Taking care of the woman is not the best way of showing the man’s feelings, but acting appropriately towards her.

At the same time the most important quality of a woman is her personality. Beauty is only temporary, but a good character lasts forever. First, intelligence is a necessity. It is important to have a mate who is knowledgeable on a wide spectrum of topics. As for career goals, if the man earns enough money to support the family, the woman can be a homemaker. The woman’s job consists taking care of the house and other domestic chores. Both need to have a positive attitude regarding their responsibilities. Politically, she is able to vote for whom she wants- hopefully for the same person that he does. In general, the ideal mates share their political views together.

Most of the time people need to feel satisfied. By being good companions, listening to each other, men and women can show their respect for each other. A hard working man can build a good future for himself and be an example for his children. His personality can’t be under her control; however, he should value himself as well as others.

Interests are also substantial in a relationship. Television should not consume anyone, but the average man thinks that his match would love to watch sports, comedies, and MTV. She would enjoy programs such as Late Night with David Letterman, The Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy, and Seinfeld. As for sports, she would be ecstatic over the Boston Celtics, Atlanta Braves, Detroit Tigers, Dallas Cowboys, and Green Bay Packers. Surely, she could not live without watching the World Series.

If one likes several types of music, the other also might enjoy listening to it. Boston, Extreme, Chicago, Dream Theater, and Savage are among the favorite groups. Rock-and-roll from the 70s. heavy metal, and pop rock music would be the core of interests.

Little girls adore fairy-tales, so they grow up on magical tales woven around princes and princesses. Girls dream of one day meeting such a prince, then life will be wonderful as they live happily ever after. Unfortunately, as they grow older, life seems to be less romantic; men seem to be more «human» without all these perfect traits. However, when these girls find sweethearts, these ideal qualities fall behind in importance because of the wonderful feeling falling in love evokes. This floating feeling soon evaporates, though, so the most important matter is the thoughtfulness and good morals of the relationships.

An ideal match for each person, somewhere in the world, is waiting to be found. «Perfect» people do not exist, but, after sufficient searching, one can locate an ideal mate.

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