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Re-viewing TV

Shalginova N., 11A

Being a foreign exchange student and living day-to-day life in the American family, I have found many things that I didn’t know before, things that are similar and different in the way I see them. One of the biggest thing is the television. American TV impresses me a lot because of its endless stream of information. Yet, the variety of news, sports events and shows is sometimes confusing. I can’t just divide all TV stuff into comedies, mysteries or soap operas. To put them straight in my head I classified them as shows that I like and get to watch, shows that I like but can’t watch and shows I don’t like but have to watch.

Do you like Seinfield or The Simpsons? Or how about Rescue 911? There are the examples of the shows that I like and get to watch, because Mrs. Stark, whom I watch TV with most of the time, enjoys these shows, too. I also find them fascinating. Seinfield is peculiar. The actor entertain real life situations with irony. Rescue 911 is more exciting than Sienfield. It is hard to believe that some scenes are real. Once Mrs. Stark MADE me watch this program, because, as she said, it was educational. The Simpsons are neither educational nor real, but they are fun to watch.

Almost all parents have one common trait connected with TV. Mothers and fathers always try to keep kids from watching some shows that they think are influencing their children and giving them wrong ideas. I happened to be in the same situation. When I was going to the United States, I thought that now I would watch all movies rated R and all shows that my mom didn’t want me to watch. No way! Mrs. Stark doesn’t let me watch shows like cartoons or Melrose Place and fast-forwards some scenes when we rent a movie. She said she felt embarrassed when she took me to see The Piano because of its explicit sexuality. What’s wrong with the cartoons? Mrs. Stark find them too silly to watch. Some people say that you outgrow things like this, but everybody has their little weaknesses. Cartoons are just enjoyable, and I get to watch them when I am home alone.

The third category consists of shows that I don’t like but have to watch. How would you feel when you can’t switch channels from basketball or football on movies or something more entertaining? 1 feel bored. This happens all the time when Trace, my host brother, visits from Lawrence. He likes sports a lot and seems to watch it for hours. Trace is company, though, so he can do whatever he wants. I must admit it is not so bad, because I got to know a different side of American life such as sports.

I like American television because it is all new and unusual for me. The variety of shows makes TV even more fascinating. I will miss it despite all differences. I learned from it, and I am impressed how well it is organized.

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