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My Pet

Kuzmina Alena,7A

I have a dog at home. Her name is Cherry. She is seven months old. It is a very nice dog with long ears, brown nose, beautiful fur and a short tail. I like to play with Cherry and she enjoys playing with me, though she prefers our cat Musja as a companion. Cherry is a very clever dog. I say: «Sit down, Cherry,» — and she understands me. I often take her for a walk. At first Cherry was afraid of big dogs, but as she grew older, she grew braver. Our dog is very funny. All our friends like it very much. Two weeks ago we went to the dogs’ exhibition with Cherry. She became the winner and got her first medal. We were so happy! I think Cherry was happy too. My dog likes to eat meat, cheese and what not. She is fond of jumping and running. Cherry is a member of our family. Let her be healthy and live long.

Опубликовано 23.01.2021 в категории Работы учащихся |
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Щукина Надежда Михайловна
учитель английского языка, зав. кафедрой ИЯ, Заслуженный учитель РХ, МОУ “Гимназия”, г.Абакан, р. Хакасия.


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