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Hippopotamus and little girl

Chernova Anna, 11A

Once upon a time there was a fat pompous Hippopotamus, who just, loved candies. He did not know where to stop. That’s why he didn’t notice that one little girl, whose name was Johnathan, loved him.

She came to his place every morning and brought to him his favourite cakes and candies. He always greedily looked at candies and didn’t, pay any attention to the little girl. Thus, the little girl became more and more sad.

Actually she did want to tell Hippopotamus about her big love. It was kind of a problem, because while Hippopotamus was eating his candies, he forgot about everything-his thoughts were too far from poor Johnathan. But Hippopotamus loved something either. He loved Ocean.

His small pond, actually it was something like a pool, looked like a drop of water. And Hippopotamus dreamt, about Ocean all day and night long; he wanted to live in an ocean, but there wasn’t any around. That’s why he was eating candies all time and was trying to dream: it would be so good, if there were an ocean…

When Hippopotamus was thinking about Ocean, the little girl was getting smaller and smaller. Finally, one could see only her big sad eyes and in addition to that -her big unshared love.

One day an idea came to the girl’s mind, and she decided to become one of those sweet tempting candies that her «big friend» Hippopotamus loved very much; she was willing to be noticed by her pompous «friend», to attract his attention just for one minute.

One morning Johnathan came to Hippopotamus’s place again, but, he didn’t recognize the girl. Why? What, had happened with our little girl? Everyone could hardy find in that sweet thing which was standing in front of Hippopotamus, our little girl Johnathan. She put a thick coat, of cream on her lips, a coat of chocolate on her hands and legs and honey on her pretty face. Hippopotamus felt sweet smells and was pleased by the tasty dinner. He jumped up to Johnathan and began licking the cream, honey and chocolate off her lips, face and hands. Soon it was done, and Hippopotamus turned away and left the little girl alone. He forgot, about poor Johnathan at once.

PS That’s the way the world is, my little baby. Hippopotami don’t like little girls with big sad eyes, they love Ocean. But remember, Hippopotami can’t live in oceans, they can live only in small ponds!

Опубликовано 21.05.2022 в категории Работы учащихся |
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