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Maslova Tatyana, 11A

The sun set down trowing it’s last, beam of light and turned the sky blood-red. Shadows descended over the river and clouds resembling purple balloons of smoke covered a part of the starlit heaven. I came down to the water through the bushes of gooseberry. And looking at the picture of the coming night, I began to think about freedom. What does it mean to me? Maybe it’s just an opportunity to realize oneself close to the nature. But actually freedom means not only this.

The word «freedom» for the Russians is linked with somewhat sweaty and at the same time dreadful. The whole of our history is an endless road to freedom and we have been going along this road for centuries and I’m afraid we haven’t reached freedom yet. I have strong doubt, that the Americans will be able to understand Russian freedom. My country has always been ruled by tsars and it means there hasn’t been freedom or democracy or equality either. Now considering the variety of impressions of what it s to be free, I can say for sure, it’s a feeling which may be compared only to a person’s sense who has spent his entire life among noise and screams and suddenly hears… silence. It seems to me that the word «freedom» is similar to the understanding of «democracy», which means the power of people, but not the mercy of the one person of the leader.

People’s government is based on every individual’s right to speak freely and frankly, to question the decisions of the government, to campaign openly against it. One has the right, to say «yes» when everybody else says «no». Unfortunately the Soviet, ruling class was sure that, speech should be free only for those who agree with them. As for me, I think that freedom means not only to agree but also to express doubts and differences of opinion.

Now time has changed, promoting an individual foreground. To my mind, a free person is a man who is free in his soul: his conscious doesn’t submit to certain forces, he doesn’t, cringe on rules set by someone else, his thoughts don’t necessarily resemble the ideas of others, his ambitions may seem mad or stupid in spite of their being unique. Freedom makes it possible far everybody to live a reasonable life according to his own views without being forced to fit into some generally accepted pattern. It is well known that all men are created equal, but they are endowed with certain unalienable rights: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness… Everybody should have equality of opportunities regardless of race, ethnic origin and belonging to any political party. But in order to exercise these civil privileges Russia should overcome a good many of difficulties. Nowadays some people have so much money and so many facilities in life but others have so little. Unfortunately sometimes it so happens that those who have small income but good wits can’t realize or apply their ambitions properly. But it’s unfair, because all individuals should be able to study and to earn, doing their best. «The Idiot» by Dostoyevsky radically transformed my outlook upon freedom. I used to support capital punishment for inveterate killers. But the writer made me review that opinion. The victim, no matter how hopeless the situation is, hopes to survive till the were end. The criminal, sentenced to death, denied this hope-he is condemned to a suffering, unimaginable torture. Now I’m sure that freedom is when person’s life doesn’t depend on the decision of a man or several people, because the life is a gift from the God and only He may deprive an individual of it.

I think that any group of people can campaign for any position in wishes: fascism, communism, feminism, white supremacy and Americanism. But in our society there are a lot of people trying to impose their ideas through force or violence. This should be forbidden because it can lead to what my country, Germany, Italy, Spain have already experienced.

Now in our society the freedom is standing near the word «insolence». And it’s concedered normal and fashionable. Some people think to be free means to use 4-letter-words, to wear the right clothes: like baggy pants or torn jeans, short sleeve shirt and «Nike Sneakers», of course this outfit would not be complete without cigarette and chic-hair dos. But it isn’t freedom — it’s just pretty unimportant things under the category of «fashion».

I felt myself free, when I was walking in an old park in Sochi, around an abandoned castle, trying to get to the ancient blocks, where I felt, the harmony between the past and the future.

Suddenly something sharp, cool and clear pierced my brain, forcing me to open my eyes. I looked up: brown shadowy clouds were being swept, away, made the sky incredibly beautiful. When a rook dashed with whistle over me, all of a sudden I realized that. I had fallen asleep and those ideas about freedom were just a wonder full dream. In my slumbers I see something I would very much like to have in reality, freedom itself. And I understood that to make this dream about freedom come true, many efforts would be needed to be made not, only by myself but, also by other people around. Only when we are joined together we would reach freedom, which is the beginning of everything that is good and true in the world.

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