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Good Neighbors

The neighborhood ‘Watch’ scheme all started a few years ago in the quiet village of Mollington after a number of burglaries in the village and the surrounding area. The residents of the village camp up with the idea that they themselves could keep an eye on their neighbors’ property while they were away on holiday. Since then, and with the support of the government and police, more than 50 000 ‘Neighborhood Watch’ schemes have been set up all over the country.
The object of each ‘Watch’ group is to reduce the opportunities that criminals have in any particular street or area. Each resident who is a member of the scheme agrees to call the police whenever they see discreetly – it is the police who actually check out each report and investigate what is happening. Residents who are part of the ‘Watch” are not supposed to act as police or put themselves in any danger.
When a new Neighborhood Watch scheme is set up in an area, the first thing people notice is the large, brightly coloured ‘Neighborhood Watch’ sign. This is a great deterrent to most burglars and vandals, because very few of them will take a chance of breaking into someone’s house if they know that there is a high risk of being seen by neighbors keeping a look-out. Burglars also know that people who are part of ‘Neighborhood Watch’ schemes are more likely to have fitted good locks to their doors and windows.
There’s another benefit too. In the time since the ‘Neighborhood Watch’ scheme came into existence, there is growing evidence of a new community sprint. It is bringing people together as never before, and encouraging people to care for each other. New friendships are being made, and contact is often established with old people living on their own, who are often the most frightened and the most art risk.
1. The ‘Neighborhood Watch’ scheme in Mollington was started
a. because the police could not protect people
b. before any others in the country
c. after 50000 burglaries in the area
d. because some residents wanted to go away for a holiday
2. When members of a ‘Watch’ group see suspicious individuals, they
a. try and frighten then away
b. contact the police
c. try and arrest them
d. call the other members of the ‘Watch’ group
3. When a new ‘Watch’ scheme starts in an area,
a. people fit new locks to their doors and windows
b. the police send fewer officers to the area
c. burglars are less likely to break into houses
d. residents put signs on their doors.
4. One other benefit of ‘Watch’ schemes is that
a. people get to know each other better
b. members of the ‘Watch’ look after old people
c. different kinds of people are attracted to live in the area
5. In general, the author seems to think that
a. the police should do more to protect people
b. ‘Watch’ schemes are not very useful in reducing crime
c. the ‘Neighborhood Watch’ schemes have been successful
d. it is hard to have any privacy in a ‘Neighborhood Watch’ area.
Find a word or phrase in the text, which means:
1. strange, not quite right _________
2. carefully and without people noticing _________
3. people who live in a place _________
4. something which stops you doing something _________
5. people who destroy or damage things for not reason _________
6. watching carefully for something _________

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