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Россия и Россияне: модуль 1


1. Ask students to make up a list of «strengths» and «weacknesses» of the Russian people before your presentation of the lecture. During a teacher’s lecture they can mark the features being mentioned by a teacher;
2.Ask students to answer the questions before your lecture:
a) What is meant by «the soul of the nation»? Define the word «a soul»;
b) How would you define the American soul
3.Some possibilities for testing are:
a) essay-questions;
b) true or false statements;
c) poetic interpretation;
d) to give the definition of the American soul compare and contrast to the Russian soul;
e) creative alternative:
ask students to create a visual or auditory artform depicting «the Russian soul» ( a painting, a dance, a poem, a musical piece, a collage. . . )

4.If dropped from space, what would be the characteristics you would observe being demonstrated by the Russian people?..

1. The eternal enigma of Russia.’
2. The Russian perception of spirituality.
3. Qualities of the Russian soul:
a) love for the motherland;
b) openness;
c) emotions;
d) belief in village virtues;
e) fatalism;
f) sentimentality;
g) ‘hospitality;
h) generosity;
i) clan mentality;
j) special sense of friendship;
k) warmoutpouring attitude;
t) love for good talk. food and drink;
m) faith in God;
n) superstitions;
o) love for nature;
4. Russian character — a character of
a) caution;
b) conservatism;
c) disorder;
d) contradictions;
e) extremes;
5. Incorrect perceptions of Russia and Russians.
6. «The beauty is in the eyes of beholder».

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